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2022–the beginning…

During the last days of December, I hoped that everything will be fine and we will start fresh from this new year. I hope every one of us must have thought so but this virus is not leaving either of us free. I was just watching tv and we got a popup on our phoneContinue reading “2022–the beginning…”


Day 11

The routine is the same as in the past days. Today I was feeling very energized and yes this makes you feel that you are alright. Feeling good is one of the psychological parts. If your mind is healthy you will be healthy physically. Our mind plays variant roles so we need to keep ourContinue reading “Day 11”

Day 10

As soon as the days are getting closer to completion of my isolation I am getting more impatient and want to get out of the room. The first week generally makes you shock about your health condition, medicines, weakness, etc but once you start getting a cure you feel impatient, bored and nothing makes uContinue reading “Day 10”