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2022–the beginning…

During the last days of December, I hoped that everything will be fine and we will start fresh from this new year. I hope every one of us must have thought so but this virus is not leaving either of us free. I was just watching tv and we got a popup on our phone saying a new variant was found in South Africa. After hearing of this news cases in India started increasing gradually and again our lives are in threat. I remember the second waves and the lives we lost.

During the delta virus timeline, I lost my aunt who was recovering from corona but her stress left her heart weak and she died of a heart stroke. Not only my aunt but during the second wave, we lost so many lives there was no space in the graveyard nor the cremation center. People lost their loved ones. Sometimes I wonder what had happened to our lives. We are just counting our days. We don’t know what will happen next. We are unable to enjoy our lives as we use to do before 2020.

After the second wave, we just started to pull our socks and were trying to recover our losses but now we are in front of another variant called “Omicron”. In India, most of the population is vaccinated except the young ones. As per WHO vaccines are not that effective for this new variant. I am too much worried about my family. My husband is working from home but I am the one who goes out for work. We have not allowed working from home yet. Sometimes employers get so selfish they never understand the life risk and health of their employees. They just don’t care.

As of now, I have just need to be careful and follow all the actions to avoid the infection. I was tested positive during the second wave and I got to know people still get infected for a second time. I just can hope to be safe. I request you all to get vaccinated and please take care.


Published by sulata nayak

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