Day 10

As soon as the days are getting closer to completion of my isolation I am getting more impatient and want to get out of the room. The first week generally makes you shock about your health condition, medicines, weakness, etc but once you start getting a cure you feel impatient, bored and nothing makes u feel right mentally.

I have lots of mixed feelings about myself, my husband, my neighbors, and all the fellow society people. I don’t know how they are going to react to see me outside the house. They will be the same as they were earlier as we use to roam around the garden, games we use to play together or it will be like a total stranger. These sorts of questions inside my mind.

Relation between me and my husband also came through a roller coaster within these days. I was very annoying to him whereas he was taking care of me so well. I am not sure things will be right after I come out of the closed room. Lots of confusion but still I think I will overcome all these as I overcame the deadly disease or infection.

I get the same type of food both for lunch and dinner which has bored my tastebuds. I want to eat something spicy and tastier but can’t as I am not allowed to. Ved is aware of me not liking the food but even he is very stubborn when it comes to my health. He asked me to eat the food without making any annoying faces or not to throw them in the dustbin. Yes, I do have a special dustbin where I throw all my stuff I.e., paper plates, cups, etc.

Today my meds got over except the vitamin tablets which I need to take for a month. I must thank the doctor and my husband for supporting me this far.

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