Day 6

This morning I was feeling very low. On one side I was upset because Ved was not talking to me and on the other side I was not getting sound sleep. Medicines especially paracetamol make you weak and you feel lousy.

I had green tea followed by lemon juice. Later fruits as breakfast same time table. I was feeling very bored. I was lying on my bed watching random YouTube videos. I started watching informative videos about healthcare and gardening. Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies and yes I have lots of plants in my house. I successfully did the propagation of the cactus plant. From one cactus I produced five more. They are a family now.

While watching a video I heard Ved calling me, I answered he asked me how I am feeling and he wanted to know whether I need anything for myself from the market. I smiled and I asked to bring Ice cream and snacks for me. He smiled and he said, “absolutely…but in dreams” and then he left to get supplies.

I was happy that he started talking to me this brought relief only to my mind, not my body aches. Yes, due to corona I had severe headaches, body aches, my back hurts too. My temperature was fluctuating too. I had a word with my Doctor, he replied these things are normal. I had lunch same dal rice and bool veggies. My taste was gone so it doesn’t matter what I was eating.

The evening I spoke to my parents. Dad was very concerned about my health and mom was a bit worried but they were sure I will be recovered soon. The night I watched a movie animated then had dinner then milk and I slept. I hate milk but as there was no taste I did not complain much and drank quietly.

While lying on the bed I was having several thoughts suddenly there was a knock on my door. It was Ved, he asked whether I need anything. I answered back. I said I don’t need it and said okay good night and sleep well. I sent him WhatsApp good night gif, he replies to me back, and later we slept.

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