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Letter to Mom

Dear Mom, I hope you are fine. I know we had a chat today still, there are some special feelings I wanted to share which I cannot tell you over the phone. I know I haven’t been with you for months. After marriage got occupied and now the pandemic which has created a huge gap.Continue reading “Letter to Mom”



Friday…it is the happiest day because we get to enjoy the weekend soon our work shift ends. I work in the Australian shift so I got up at 4 AM, rinsed my face, and started working. In the other room, my husband (Ved) was having a sound sleep. He works in general shifts but extendsContinue reading ““Latitude””

People Like Us 2012 (Review)

After watching the Bachelors we were surfing Amazon Prime and just noticed a movie named People like Us on the list. We decided to give it a try because we never heard of it and the best part was we didn’t read the description of the movie too. This movie was starring Chris Pine asContinue reading “People Like Us 2012 (Review)”

The Bachelors (review)

Last night I randomly saw a movie named The Bachelors. This movie was released in 2017 starting J. K Simmons(Bill Palet) and Josh Wiggins(Wes Palet). J. Simmons is the one whom we have watched in the Spiderman movie as the news editor. Plot This story is about a father and a son who has justContinue reading “The Bachelors (review)”

Arrange Marriage? Who Me?

We listened to tons of stuff about arrange marriages. Lord chooses the right soul for us, made for each other, family Union, Parent’s choice, etc but honestly, I never believed in arranged marriages because I haven’t seen many happy couples who were into arranged marriages. I was born to a neutral family. My parents didContinue reading “Arrange Marriage? Who Me?”

Day 11

The routine is the same as in the past days. Today I was feeling very energized and yes this makes you feel that you are alright. Feeling good is one of the psychological parts. If your mind is healthy you will be healthy physically. Our mind plays variant roles so we need to keep ourContinue reading “Day 11”