Day 12

I got up early today, I had a lot of pending works which I decided to finish off. Office work is not too hectic but due to cough syrup, I use to feel drowsy. When u are busy doing some job you don’t get to know how fast time passes by. I started working at 6 AM and now it was 9 AM.

Ved asked to take a break and have breakfast. I had fruits and boiled corn with a glass of orange juice. The juice was without sugar now you guys can understand how sour it might be. I had sweet lime juice at 11 AM which doesn’t need any added sugar it is naturally sweet and yummy.

The afternoon doctor called to know my health situation and he was happy that I recovered fast. He said I can be free from being alone and I can move out of the room on the 14th day of isolation but I should avoid outside visits and populated places for some time. For soon recovery both diet and medicines are necessary and you need to be strong enough to think that “I will be fine soon.” Most people get scared of covid but we should face the situation strongly because you are the one who can keep yourself healthy.

The doctor made my day I was very excited about moving out of the room and lead a normal life. I can do cooking, take care of my plants, love my husband again, watch tv, etc. I am going to dream the whole night about my free time plans.

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