Day 11

The routine is the same as in the past days. Today I was feeling very energized and yes this makes you feel that you are alright.

Feeling good is one of the psychological parts. If your mind is healthy you will be healthy physically. Our mind plays variant roles so we need to keep our mind healthy by thinking positive and yes minding our businesses. Honestly, if we stop thinking about the things going around this will make us feel good. We should always concern about ourselves and of course our family. Other negative things we shouldn’t care about them. After all your family and friends are the only ones who will stay beside you during your difficult times.

I too did the same thing when I got my reports I started thinking about people and their thoughts, concerning their behavior and made myself weak. This never helps. I have noticed a lot of people keep their distance from each other in pandemic not physically but emotionally. They behave as if we are wrong and we shouldn’t be cared for.

Today in lunch and dinner Ved has added a little bit of masala to enhance my taste buds. Medicines change your taste buds and you don’t like eating anything. I started craving pizza, chole bhature, biryani, etc but cannot eat them. Well thinking about my health I need to avoid them. Night, I had turmeric milk which is very good for health, and I slept.

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