Day 9

In the morning I thought to do a bit of exercise to make my mind fresh. I opened the window to get fresh air and did a little bit of work out. Ved got up and was watching me doing a workout and was smiling. He’s left for cycling and gave me loan juice and fruits and left.

Afternoon my reports were out and the doctor informed me that reports are normal and I am fine but still I need to complete the isolation and yes need to do the PCR test again to check my covid status. That I guess I would be doing on the doctor’s recommendation. I was relieved and relaxed after my reports were normal. Ved was happy that his efforts were worthy. I am fit and fine because of his efforts.

Later, I got a call from my manager he was asking when can I start my work and I informed him that I will work from tomorrow. We were allowed to work from home due to increasing covid cases both in the city and my office. Even I got tested positive from my office.

I must say covid is something that changes your and others’ thoughts. People behave differently they start seeing you as an untouchable patient. They don’t talk to u neither come near for any help rather they get more scared instead of supporting the person from distance. My entire thought about people changed due to this disease. It’s not the disease that makes u weak and depressed but it’s the people who do so.

Except for my doctor friend, parents, and my partner none was able to understand the pain and suffering I was going through. I slept thinking all these aspects of isolation. I thank God who was with me all these times and he showed me the true face of people.

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