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Day 14

Today is the day I suppose to move out of the isolation room. I took a good bath, kept all the stuff separate for sanitization. The person came at 10 AM, he sanitized the whole house including the outside area, and asked me then he asked me to come out of the room. I was alone in a room for 13 days it was a very weird feeling. I slowly stepped out and saw the entire home. Ved has kept the house neat and tidy. My plants were healthy and my Kitchen was clean.

I was a little bit scared to hold the things then later I made my mind says ” everything is good I m fine now” and after thinking so I was fresh. While wandering around I saw Ved it’s been a long time I haven’t touched him, looked at the face, his eyes, I missed his smile. These days his smile was gone. I walked towards him. I was scared to hold his hand but he came forward and hold my hand and said ” welcome back”. We smiled and sat together for a while I thanked him for supporting me and taking care of me so well. I was just gazing at him I was watching him preparing lunch and this time I was helping him too. He didn’t allow me to cook today he said the kitchen is mine from tomorrow and today I should take a rest.

We had lunch together watching a good movie. We were gazing at each other. In the evening I insisted he take a rest and I will prepare dinner. First, he disagrees later he says okay and he was with me while cooking. He makes sure that I am fine, drinking water, having vitamins etc.

Night while lying on the bed I was just recalled the days of my isolation how things were changed and it changed me and my thought process too. Now I am not scared but yes I am very careful about my health. I thanked God for curing me and for being with me when I was alone.

I was happy to get my life back with precautions. I thank all my friends and family members who supported me during this period.


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