Day 13

I woke up early to do my work and yes I have extra works to do today as it was the last day of my isolation.

After breakfast, I started gathering the clothes which I was wearing these 12 days. We had informed a guy to sanitize the whole house and the outside gate area for safety purposes. Most of my medicines were over except for my vitamins I kept them aside. I kept the garbage aside for sanitization. The guy would come tomorrow to sanitize.

I was busy working until 2 PM. Then I had lunch, today in lunch I had khichdi which is the combination of dal rice and some vegetables. It was very healthy. Ved and I use to have the same food these days. I wasn’t allowed to but Ved tried to maintain the same diet as mine to support me. He says ” you are not the only one who is eating this food”. I agree he did support me a lot during this period both mentally and emotionally.

The night I wasn’t in a mood to eat anything might be because of excitement but I had to give some food to my stomach. I have to drink milk but can’t say no as it is good for immunity. These days Ved kept a filter on vegetables and fruits. He purchased all vitamin C-related food and high immunity drinks.

I was very relaxed today and went to bed.

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