Day 7 – HB to me!

Midnight again I got a knock on my door, I opened the door and saw Ved, he was smiling with flowers in his hand. He wished me and kept the gift on the door and asked me to open it later. I smiled and went back to my bed, he pinged me that he loves me a lot. This was the first time when there was no cake cutting on the bed, no wishes nothing. Then I said “Happy isolation Birthday” to myself.

The morning was a usual day with more phone calls and messages from my friends and family. I was a bit sad because we had a plan to go out somewhere on my birthday and enjoy our Little romantic space. I am sure Ved had his plans too but this time things weren’t as per our wish. I was locked in a room with limitations and loneliness.

I opened the gift after my breakfast. This gift gave a sweet shock I must say. It was the same watch which I was thinking of buying. Ved must have noticed it earlier. I was very happy to get my dream watch. My happiness made Ved even happier.

Birthday didn’t bring any change in the menu, the lunch was the same boring one. While having lunch I just felt that my taste is back and my smell too. I was happy and I was feeling way better than the other days. After lunch, I took a nap and woke up fresh in the evening. I had fruits and juices followed by dinner at night.

The doctor informed Ved to take the blood tests once again to check the virus infection. I got tensed after hearing about tests. Ved asked me to be can and he said this is necessary as I have completed 7 days of isolation. I remember how difficult it is to serve these seven days and there are more t seven days to go.

I slept thinking about the whole day and the coming test.

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