Day 8

Yesterday I had a very sound sleep and morning I was feeling fresh. Soon the pathology guy came with his PPE kit on to take my blood samples for a final blood test.

Like others, I was scared during the blood test after it was normal. He left then I had breakfast I.e., fruits, and juice. As I have covered 7 days my patience is out I just want to go out of the room and sit in the living room watch tv or cook some good meals for my husband or take care of my plants but I can’t as per rule I need to be in isolation for complete 14 days.

On one side my husband is taking care of everything, cleaning the entire home, watering the plants, cooking, and his job. He even goes out to get vegetables and other supplies. He honestly did a great job and he is continuing to do so. My parents are very proud of having such a caring son-in-law. They make me understand how lucky I am to have him.

Health-wise I was feeling great but my mood was fluctuating I was unable to entertain myself. Blog writing was a good thing that I started where I can share my experiences and my feelings too.

After a long time to enhance my tastebuds, Ved prepared something delicious for me. I was complaining about the same kind of food I was having so he did prepare the same food but with a twist to it and this change helped and I enjoyed the dinner.

Thank you, dear

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