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2022–the beginning…

During the last days of December, I hoped that everything will be fine and we will start fresh from this new year. I hope every one of us must have thought so but this virus is not leaving either of us free. I was just watching tv and we got a popup on our phoneContinue reading “2022–the beginning…”


People Like Us 2012 (Review)

After watching the Bachelors we were surfing Amazon Prime and just noticed a movie named People like Us on the list. We decided to give it a try because we never heard of it and the best part was we didn’t read the description of the movie too. This movie was starring Chris Pine asContinue reading “People Like Us 2012 (Review)”


Some days back while I was surfing on social media I just noticed this image that touched my heart. How many of us give a little bit of respect to our fellow workers. They never expect anything from us. We think they just do their job but they deserve a bit of acknowledgment too. RespectContinue reading “Acknowledgment”

Day 1 Continue…

After the results of the antigen test me and my husband moved towards the second and accurate test I.e., RT- PCR test. This test is always recommended by Doc too. It shows the level of viral infection. We finished the test took medicines and returned home. The floor was dead silent, I was standing besideContinue reading “Day 1 Continue…”