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The Bachelors (review)

Last night I randomly saw a movie named The Bachelors. This movie was released in 2017 starting J. K Simmons(Bill Palet) and Josh Wiggins(Wes Palet). J. Simmons is the one whom we have watched in the Spiderman movie as the news editor.


This story is about a father and a son who has just lost the most important person in their life. Bill Palet lost his wife and he is unable to come out of it and he draws into depression. Wes, the son who has lost his mother has accepted the fact that she is never coming back. Bill is running from accepting the fact and not ready to move forward. This leads to the differences between his son who is equally upset about his loss. Bill decides to move to a different place with his teenage son and start teaching in a private school. Meanwhile, two more characters in this movie play an important role, Julie Delpy as Carine the fresh teacher, and Odeya Rush as Lacy Westman. Bill and Wes meet Carine and lacy in the new city. Here both of them get to learn a lot from the two women. Lacy is running from family issues and Carine a very calm and sweet lady looking for a decent partner.

Personal Impression:

The movie had a normal pace, never felt the story running slow or fast. The characters have defined so well and showed the real picture of emotions after a personal loss.

Wes’s character is very strong where he tries to help his father in every possible way to bring him back from depression. His bonding with Lacy was quite decent. The more focus was on the father and son’s bonding after their loss.

Bill’s acting was top of the notch where he shows multiple expressions at a time. His bonding with his Son and Carine was quite good and natural.

I was able to connect with the movie and this movie will remind you about your own experience in life. It talks about love bonding and friendship within the life partner. The movie storyline was very inspiring especially for those people who are in depression or related to one. You will get to know how people get into this sadness and depression.

Last but not least the ending was tremendous it melts your heart and makes you cry. The beginning and ending music were good too. Must watch with family and friends.


Rating ★★★★

You guys can watch this movie on Amazon Prime. Imbd rating is 6.8.

Watch this movie and do let me know in the comments about your opinion on this movie.


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