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Dinner Date

Every woman dreams about a dinner date and they expect it to be special. Low light, candles on the table, romantic music, delicious food, best outfit, etc.

It was evening time and Priya was getting ready for her most awaited dinner date. She was into a guy from her office named Roy, a handsome young guy and every women’s dream and this time dream was coming true for Priya. She wore a light red dress, she left her brown hair loose. She twinkled her beauty with her diamond ear studs gifted by her elder brother in rakhi. Gorgeous bracelet grasps her waxed hand with red nailed fingers. She dressed up very well and was thinking about her date.

Soon she got a message from her friend asking about the date plan. She decided not to share any of her excitement and went to her silent imagination. After 15 mins she got a call from Roy and he was waiting outside for her. She rushed out to see her dream guy. He was waiting in his black Baleno wearing a casual outfit. He was wearing a shirt with his chino. He knows how to make every woman’s heart skip a beat.

Roy selected a romantic diner with candle lights as Priya pictured. He was able to read every thought of Priya. Priya was thinking about how he was able to read her mind. He pulled the chair and made Priya very relaxed. The server stared at Priya for a while as if he wanted to eat her. Priya looked at him for a while and then she just ignored and she looked at Roy’s smile. The fellow got the menu and upheld both of them. When Priya began glancing at the menu she felt the names weird. She noticed the names as eyeball Manchurian, tender finger fry, etc she was shaken from inside but didn’t let Roy know about it. She asked Roy to order something delicious of his choice.

Roy smiled and winked at the server. The server got three dishes and Priya hot horrified seeing the dishes. He ordered Eyeball Manchurian, the human brain soup, and fried human finger chips. When she looked at Roy, he looked completely different and his face turned into a zombie. Soon the other customers and restaurant staff also started behaving weirdly and they turned into zombies. She was so horrified and she started running.

Now, Priya was running and everyone was behind her to feed on her. She was horrified thinking how her date turned into a zombie. At one point she fell and was unable to get up. Within a fraction of seconds, everyone was around her and Roy said she is mine no one will touch her. Priya started shouting and suddenly she heard a voice screaming at her as “this is the last warning, get up”. The voice sounds like Priya’s mother. She was yelling at her to get up and yeah Priya was watching a dream and she was late for work.

Priya thanked her mother to wake her up at the right time and explained the dream about zombies and yes she didn’t mention Roy. Her mom screamed at her and said “no more horror movies for u”. Priya was getting goosebumps thinking about the dream. She reached the office and there Roy was standing in front of her Bay Area. He smiled a said “I was waiting for you” Priya replied, ” I am too young to be eaten by a zombie”. This left Roy with a big question of surprise on his face.


Published by sulata nayak

love writing, beginner, Blogger

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