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People Like Us 2012 (Review)

After watching the Bachelors we were surfing Amazon Prime and just noticed a movie named People like Us on the list. We decided to give it a try because we never heard of it and the best part was we didn’t read the description of the movie too.

This movie was starring Chris Pine as Sam, Elizabeth Banks as Frankie, Olivia Wilde as Hannah, and Micheal Hall D’Addario as Josh.


What happens when your father has just passed and he leaves a note for you. You get to know about your step-sister and until now you never know she exists. How would you react and how are to going to deal with it.

This movie is about Sam, a salesman with tons of depts, he says in this movie he is the king of mistakes. He was already in a big messed-up life. He gets to know through his girlfriend Hannah about his father’s demise. He tried not to visit but he had to unwillingly. After he reaches LA, the real story starts. He gets a note in a pouch from his dad. The pouch contains $150,000 cash and a note. He gets pissed off after seeing the note, the money was for Josh. Who is Josh, what is the relationship between Josh and Sam’s father Jerry? Why Jerry wants to give $150,000 to this person instead of his son who has dept to clear.

Personal Impression:

Sam’s character is like an onion that will show you different shades. Early, very annoying and then a very caring one. Frankie’s character is good too. Sam and Frankie both have shown us different parts of life and finally how to deal with them. I learn a lot from both the characters.

Sam and Frankie

The most impressive work was of Josh. The kid will make you fall in love with him.

Josh and Frankie

This movie is all about relationships, getting connected with people, agree to reality instead of running from it, a mother-son love, and sibling love.

I can say this movie has layers and you will get to know one by one. The movie is neither slow nor fast and it does not bore you any point. The ending is very emotional and it makes you cry.


Rating ★★★★

IMBD Rating 7.1/10

You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime and do let me know in a comment how you get connected with this movie.


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