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Friday…it is the happiest day because we get to enjoy the weekend soon our work shift ends.

I work in the Australian shift so I got up at 4 AM, rinsed my face, and started working. In the other room, my husband (Ved) was having a sound sleep. He works in general shifts but extends his work a lot but this Friday it’s a holiday (Company Holiday) for him. My shift ended at 1 PM and my weekend started. At 2 PM we had lunch and we were just sitting idle in front of the TV. Later, had our afternoon nap and got up at 5 PM. After having our evening refreshments we decided to go outside. We both are bibliophiles so we decided to find a book store and get some books to read.

I started surfing in chrome then this place popped up. I went through this place’s images and it looks amazing. Latitude (the book store) was the place and decided to visit. Ved wasn’t aware of this place and it was a surprise for him. We went as per the map and finally reached there. Entry into the store is very interesting because the complete store is in the basement i.e., underground.

Outside the store, it looks small but inside it was huge and a great ambiance with a vast collection of books. Ved was very happy after stepping into the store. This store had everything, books for all ages, toys, sports items, and stationery. To avoid hustle and bustle the books were arranged into different sections based on our interests. My self-interest is mostly in biographies, history, and motivational books so I keep looking for it first.

Later we toured every nook and corner of the store. It was so confusing to choose which one to purchase from their massive collections. Near to book store, they have a chocolate room where we get coffee, chocolates, and pastries. I wonder they had a great business strategy especially for both books and coffee lovers. Eventually, we decided what we need and buy them.

We got three books but we need to get more in the future. I am going to visit this place again. I would recommend my reader friends to visit and have a good time like I did today.

If you guys visit Ahmedabad add this place to your list.


Published by sulata nayak

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