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Letter to Mom

Dear Mom,

I hope you are fine. I know we had a chat today still, there are some special feelings I wanted to share which I cannot tell you over the phone. I know I haven’t been with you for months. After marriage got occupied and now the pandemic which has created a huge gap. I am unable to be with you like I use to be earlier. I hope you understand.

As I said I have lots of things to share which I won’t be able to say in person or over the phone. You got married at 15 and I was born when you were 18. I remember your fresh face when I was a kid. Being so young you took good care of me whenever I get sick or hurt. I use to grab your anchal whenever I get scared. I was troublesome so I was the one who use to get beaten every time. I always went against the rules. The homework never gets done without getting beaten. I enjoy gardening with you and the cooking classes you took of mine. The moment I grew up you started protecting me and you taught me how to be a graceful woman and how to take care of myself. You always understood my teenage mind and instead of being bossy, you became a great friend of mine. I always enjoyed our small battles and life conversation. I might not be the perfect daughter but I try my best to be good and caring. You have been the greatest support and I wonder how I will be if you aren’t there. In every college function, I had you were super excited for me, and you organize everything so perfectly. I am not that perfect mom. I can never be as perfect as you. I am truly incomplete without you.

You have gone through so much suffering still stood for me and have been with me in my every success and failure. You saw dreams for me and you wanted to be what you wanted to be ever I.e., independent, freedom, living life to the fullest, etc. You never grabbed me when I fall beside you asked me to get up and learn from my mistakes. You have been such a good example of self-care. Being a homemaker you never got the opportunity to work but you always wanted me to move out of the house and prove myself. I admire how a mother leave herself beyond for their children. I thank God for giving me a gift I.e., it’s you, my mum. I thank you for everything you have done.

You have sacrificed your tiny dreams for me and fulfilled my desires. Your thoughts and prayers were always for me. Whenever you get angry you never pick up the call, trust me my day goes very bad until I talk to you. I feel so sorry that I wasn’t there with you when you were sick. I wasn’t able to come due to the pandemic but I was worried about you every second. I felt so vulnerable. The moment I got to know you are fine I was so relieved. I regret not being with you like we use to be earlier, the long conversation, your cooking my favorite dishes, shopping together, tasting street foods, etc.

Last but not least I cherish all the memories and have and wanted to build more. And yes I still love pulling your cheeks.

Mothers are like angels they bless us, nurtures us, protect us, and finally sacrifice their lives to save us.

With lots of ❤️


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