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Some days back while I was surfing on social media I just noticed this image that touched my heart. How many of us give a little bit of respect to our fellow workers. They never expect anything from us. We think they just do their job but they deserve a bit of acknowledgment too.

Respect is everyone’s right. We don’t notice but many times we do something which hurts people and that shows our disrespect towards them. Respect doesn’t mean it should be given to elders alone, it should be given to everyone.

When a woman works as a mother, wife, colleague, etc she deserves respect too. Most of the men just ignore the capabilities of their wives. Women who are a homemaker they work full-time. From morning to night even on weekends. We never acknowledge her work neither respect her. We keep on demanding and we keep on expecting from her which occasionally, even hurts her. Similarly in companies, the boss is responsible to take care of his fellow workers. He should respect them and acknowledge them if he does that the workers will pour their soul into their work which provides success and profit to the company. The maids, the cleaners, the watchman, etc we never acknowledge their works but we do question them if there is some fault. We ignore that they are human too. We even forgot to tell acknowledge our parents who sacrificed their dreams to fulfill ours.

So, I decided to acknowledge everyone who has made our lives wonderful. I called my team members and thanked them for being with me and supporting me and helping to turn the team into the best team. While entering society the watchman opened the door, I thanked him for helping us and sent tea and snacks for them. Later, I rang my parents and thanked them for their upbringing and their sacrifices. I thanked my husband for supporting me and loving me unconditionally.

The unexpected smiles which I saw on everyone’s face were priceless! I would suggest everyone should try this you will get peace…


Published by sulata nayak

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