Day 1 Continue…

After the results of the antigen test me and my husband moved towards the second and accurate test I.e., RT- PCR test. This test is always recommended by Doc too. It shows the level of viral infection. We finished the test took medicines and returned home.

The floor was dead silent, I was standing beside the door heads down. My husband opened the door entered inside and brought the sanitizer to sanitize the doorknob, shoe rack, etc then I entered our home and was standing at the corner waiting for my husband to clear his stuff from our bedroom. For isolation, the patient should be in a room with an attached washroom to avoid contact. I was agitated and muddled with the thought of overcoming the current situation.

Lots of stuff were streaming in my mind does this illness is going to harm my future baby planning, a weakness for months, etc. He took a look at my face and said “this shall pass and we will make it together.” These words brought tears to my eyes and made me speechless.

Later in the evening, I was lying on the bed reading about the infection and overcoming it I received a message. It was the RT-PCR report and the reports were panicking. The viral content was high in my body I.e., I was highly infectious. Ved (my husband) contact the Doc immediately to know the next step. The Doc recognized the mental situation and ask us to calm and said the viral content level doesn’t matter rather he asked to do more two blood tests to identify the infectious level.

Night, Ved prepared dinner which was very plain I.e., rice and dal with lemon juice (rich in Vitamin C). We had dinner separately, this was the first time we were having dinner separately being in the same house. Neither I nor he was happy at this state. After dinner I had my meds, later we said good night to each other sending gifs on WhatsApp and then we slept.

Two souls, different beds under the sky

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