Day 2

Day 2 was a big challenge for me I got up late than usual, my parents got to know about it and they gave me a call. My mom is strong enough to deal with the news but my Dad was concerned and distressed. My mother and my brother (younger) braced the situation asked to be calm and positive and made me understand that this will pass soon.

Ved was ready with the diet chart and started following it too. It includes exercises, drinks, light food, lots of fluid, Vitamin C-rich fruits, and vegetables, etc.

I have heard different stories of infection but in my case, I can just say that the virus attacks our weakness and each individual has their state of weakness. I have hypothyroidism since childhood which accelerates low bp some of the time. First, my bp was low then catch cold, sore throat, and finally, slight fever. These were the indications of my covid illness.

As per Doc, I was supposed to monitor my temperature and oxygen level i.e., spo2% four times a day. I was having lots of medication. Doc asked to do some blood tests (CBC, CRP, and D Dimer test) which skipped my heart a bit and shouted inside ” Blood test!!!”. I would like to tell you guys that I am scared of needles since childhood. My dad uses to do all the blood tests as he was working as a technician in the Cardiology department. The pathology scheduled the time to pay a visit for a blood test.

Finally, the pathologist appeared with his PPE kit put on to take my blood. I was a bit nervous later it was done. I was curious about the results, he informed me the results will be sent by email. At 3 PM I received the normal results and I was very happy. I was following the diet from time to time and monitoring my temperature and oxygen level as instructed by the doctor.

Eating lots of sour fruits, drinks, plain rice, and dal disturbed my taste buds. As per the infection, my taste and smell exist rather than vanishing. Well, I had no choice I need to have them all for coming out of this isolation. Trust me staying alone is fine but staying in a room with limited stuff with no one besides you and your health conditions makes you feel vulnerable mentally.

Later I got a call from my mother and she asked to utilize this time as sitting idle and thinking about the ongoing things is not gonna help me rather make me mentally weak and worsen my health. She suggested I either read or listen to Bhagwat Gita (the book of Wisdom) or do something productive. This time Ved and my mom agreed on the same thing and asked me to do something productive. I decided to do yoga or meditation to calm my mind and body.

Finally, I had my not-so-tasty dinner then my meds and I then I saw my husband he was cleaning the kitchen and other rooms I saw him he just smiled at me and said u go to sleep I will sleep soon. He was struggling to sleep as he was worried about me and everything. I did a video call to him we had some chat then we slept.


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