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Movies that makes you fall in Love again

When I was a kid for my love stories were barbie movies where the prince and a girl meet. He falls in love with her. They both fight to be together and finally, the prince wins his princess. After I grew up I finally realized the true love stories never have a happily ever after ending.

I had a long weekend back and was being bored so decided to watch some movies. Everyone has their list and choices, so do I have. So this is how we decided to watch some Hollywood romantic movies.

Speaking about Love, love is something we like to express or suppress to our loved ones. We talk through our lips or eyes overall it’s an amazing feeling we all want to have. True love is something never changes you rather it will make you a different person in a better way. Here are some of my favorite movies which make me fall in love all over again.

1. Me Before You

This is movie is a perfect example of love where you don’t urge anything from your loved one except their presence and their feelings for you. In short, it is a movie that will show you the true meaning of love, sacrifice, and motivation to move forward in life. I don’t want to reveal anything about this movie because whether you have watched it or not I want you should watch this movie once with your loved one. Your love will be alive again.

I like all the quotes mentioned in this movie which are very meaningful, motivational, and of course, heartwarming. Here is my favorite one.

Favorite one


Most of us have watched this movie several times but I feel fresh again whenever I watch it. This movie keeps you stuck till the end and makes you cry at times. Losing your loved one takes a part of you and you feel difficult to come from it. This movie is something that pushes you to come from it and live again.

I love the theme song in this movie “I love you till the end”.

My favorite phrase mentioned in this song is “Why don’t you take me where I have never been before“.


Alike my first favorite movie this movie is something that makes you feel needy and wanted for love. This movie is all about how you change yourself into a better person for someone you love. It has love, sadness, sacrifice, and how to be a better person.

The sad ending will make you emotional leaves you shocking. Do watch and feel this movie again.

4. The Notebook

We all talk about forever love but some of us get this opportunity to be together till the end. This movie is famous and a favorite among all the couples out there. It is all about love, separation, and again coming together.

This movie is about how It’s quite easy to forget someone but it’s very difficult to remind someone about you and your love again and again. When you bring that person back the joy of being together is priceless. I enjoyed watching the happy ending of this movie and their ever after love.


This movie is a gem of my favorite romantic movies. It’s about how a man’s dream girl becomes the love of his life. Julia Roberts is my favorite actress of all time. I have watched all her movies and still love her work in each of here movies.

This movie is about how a superstar fall in love with a common man and they live a wonderful life together. It was great watching the ending of the movie and you will feel like hugging your partner. Do watch this movie.

Apart from the five romantic movies, there are still more on my list. I would post the others too. Until now watch these movies and feel the love.


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